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About OLDC

At OLDC, we intend to provide laundry facility to people engaged in their routine lives and not even find quality time for each other and on weekends get themselves engaged in washing - drying of linen and then getting ironing done from outside, the whole process keeps them engaged along-with other routine tasks.

To make life comfortable and stress free; we at OLDC, take this charge to get soiled linen picked-up for Washing, Drying, Ironing and finally delivering within given time. Our ‘Premium KG System’ is quite popular among youth, staying as paying guests in Mohali & Chandigarh.

To book your Laundry;
You don’t require a Mobile App, 'JUST' Call or WhatsApp

Premium KG System at OLDC

Getting tensed-up for routine washing?

​​Give us a call and we'll pick your garments from your place and process it in laundry machines. We make sure you get more than your deserve and that too within stipulated time.

​We pick your garments in Kilo-grams; in general, five KGs = 20 mixed routine garments (four male trousers + four male shirts + four female kurtas + four female bottoms + two t-shirts & lowers each).

Garments are inspected carefully for any spot and then machine processed in high quality liquid detergent and softener and ironed on vacuum ironing table.

Our KG System is quite popular among youth and couple who stay away from native homes as Paying Guests in Mohali & Chandigarh as we assure them about our instant, impeccable & reasonable services. You may also avail 10 % to 12 % discount on booking four services in a month. Additionally, we serve Hotels, Institutes, Cafes, Hostels in the vicinity. 


Premium Dry Cleaning at OLDC

Process of dry cleaning is carried out with different machines, solvents and equipments and demands careful scrutiny as we have to deliver the linen as new as it was bought by the customer.

We know customers get their expensive clothes dry cleaned, also expect their clothes to be taken care by experts during dry cleaning process and at Occasions, it is our foremost responsibility to win trust, build relationship and to keep all our customers happy by providing ‘Fabric Friendly Solutions.’ 


We’re just one call away to pick an order from your place.


We have our own workshop to take care of valuable articles.

Sharing is Caring

We often offer discounts to our new & existing customers.​

Process @ OLDC

The Entire Process of Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services is in this video, click to watch!
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Solvent Process

Solvent Extract

Vacuum Iron

You Ask;
We Deliver!

Customers love us...

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Customer's Zone

At OLDC, we understand the value of our customers and it really matters what they speak about us – positive or negative.We belong to service industry and win hearts by providing impeccable and timely service. Our customers have many alternatives to switch to other competitors if we fail to meet expectation level and we stand with this confidence that we’ll never let them switch.

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Lost & Found

If at the time of examining your garments we find something valuable like money, jewellery, debit & credit cards or any article, we’ll note, inform and deliver to you.​

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Sector 86, Mohali, Punjab

Working Hours

9:00 - 18:00

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